Mooc Spring from Phong Nha, heading west to the foot of the grandiose Truong Son mountain range, our car rode on quiet Ho CHi Minh road, the west branch which is winding through the peaceful villages of only about 20km.

When our car stopped in front of the resort we could have heard whispering streams remotely echoed. The beautiful guide generally introduced Mooc Spring on the map and then led us along a narrow path to the stream.

You can walk to the source of the spring water trailers, an underground river, if you look closely you can just see the bubbling up of the water. The British Caving Society has planted little floats in many water elements around the area trying to figure out its source. One such came from 6 km away.

Mooc Stream – Ecotourism Zone Interesting Mooc Spring

The water is that lovely blue/green caused by the alkalinity of the Calcium dissolved in the acidic water. After a bit of a hike over bamboo bridges and rocky paths you came to Mooc center.

The forest is thick with tangled creepers so that Phong Nha sky was sunny but the air there was cool and pleasant. The trees branches were reaching over along the path and we had to to bend down to get through.

After a moment, the space was vastly open, the sky with clouds, mountains extanding endlessly and a quiet gentle stream stretching at the foot of a small waterfall. The stream water is emerald and clear, a distinctive color of springs in Quang Binh karst area.

Everyone of us jumped into the cool water. The enchanting blue stream seemed to keep us stay. Continued along the path into the forest we met lovely bamboo bridges, reflecting themselves to the stream.

Sunbeams dancing fun with clear blue water with one side is the majestic cliffs and the other is the jungle, the scenery was so dreamy that hard to describe!

Standing in the middle of the wooden suspension bridge to look at the high blue sky and the white foam waterfal underneath was an excellent experience.